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We have changed our Tips and Tools section.
With increased functionality, each Tip and each Tool has its own individual page.

Tips Tools
  • Extending Script Execution Time
    Many servers put a 30 second limit on the execution of individual PHP scripts. With this tips, you can easily extend that to whatever amount of time you need (unlimited).
  • Pausing Script Execution
    Many servers put a limit on how many emails you can send in any given period of time (many limit to 60 emails in 60 seconds). With this tip, you can "throttle" your script to make sure all your emails get out.
  • Mail Delivery Issues (hotmail,gmail,etc)
    Many users report problems getting their emails through to some servers, particularly Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail (it seems the free email services are the main ones). Have a read through this information and get a fresh perspective on strategies you can use to make sure your emails get delivered.
  • Popular Server Settings
    Want to use your PHPMailer on your Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, or Lycos email account? Get the settings here.
  • Using the Plugin Architecture of PHPMailer-FE
    PHPMailer-FE is a form to email application with a powerful plugin architecture. The plugin architecture can be used to post-process your forms data after it has been processed by PHPMailer-FE and before the script terminates. In this article, we look at an example to store the forms contents into a database.
  • Check IP Blacklist
    This tool will check any IP address you provide against all known IP blacklist databases.
  • .htaccess/.htpasswd Password Generator
    It is very frustrating trying to create a username/password combination for the initial installation of an HTTP authentication process. This tool will create the username and password pair needed for your .htpasswd file.
  • Meta Tag Generator
    Meta tags are an important part of a Search Engine Optimization strategy. Use our Meta Tag Generator to create your site meta tags.
  • Check Email Address Syntax & MX
    Need to check if an email address is valid? This tool will check syntax and will check DNS MX records to validate the email address for you.
  • Email Obfuscator
    Put a stop to email harvesters and email robots. This tool can build obfuscated text of any kind, or entire mailto: links with optional text to display.
  • PageRank, Alexa, Backlink Checker
    Check your site's popularity!
  • Worx WhoIs
    Check WhoIs servers for most domains!
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