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Updated for PHPMailer v5.0.0

Property (v5.0.0) Type Default Description
$Priority public 3 Email priority (1 = High, 3 = Normal, 5 = low)
$CharSet public iso-8859-1 Sets the CharSet of the message
$ContentType public text/plain Sets the Content-type of the message
$Encoding public 8bit Sets the Encoding of the message. Options for this are "8bit", "7bit", "binary", "base64", and "quoted-printable"
$ErrorInfo public   Holds the most recent mailer error message
$From public root@localhost Sets the From email address for the message
$FromName public Root User Sets the From name of the message
$Sender public   Sets the Sender email (Return-Path) of the message. If not empty, will be sent via -f to sendmail or as 'MAIL FROM' in smtp mode.
$Subject public   Sets the Subject of the message.
$Body public   Sets the Body of the message. This can be either an HTML or text body. If HTML then run IsHTML(true).
$AltBody public   Sets the text-only body of the message. This automatically sets the email to multipart/alternative. This body can be read by mail clients that do not have HTML email capability such as mutt. Clients that can read HTML will view the normal Body.
$WordWrap public 0 Sets word wrapping on the body of the message to a given number of characters
$Mailer public mail Method to send mail: ("mail", "sendmail", or "smtp").
$Sendmail public /usr/sbin/sendmail Sets the path of the sendmail program.
$PluginDir public   Path to PHPMailer plugins. This is now only useful if the SMTP class is in a different directory than the PHP include path.
$ConfirmReadingTo public   Sets the email address that a reading confirmation will be sent.
$Hostname public   Sets the hostname to use in Message-Id and Received headers and as default HELO string. If empty, the value returned by SERVER_NAME is used or 'localhost.localdomain'.
$Host public localhost Sets the SMTP hosts. All hosts must be separated by a semicolon. You can also specify a different port for each host by using this format: [hostname:port] (e.g. "smtp1.example.com:25;smtp2.example.com"). Hosts will be tried in order.
$Port public 25 Sets the default SMTP server port.
$Helo public   Sets the SMTP HELO of the message (Default is $Hostname).
$SMTPAuth public false Sets SMTP authentication. Utilizes the Username and Password variables.
$Username public   Sets SMTP username.
$Password public   Sets SMTP password.
$Timeout public 10 Sets the SMTP server timeout in seconds. This function will not work with the win32 version.
$SMTPDebug public false Sets SMTP class debugging on or off.
$SMTPKeepAlive public false Prevents the SMTP connection from being closed after each mail sending. If this is set to true then to close the connection requires an explicit call to SmtpClose().
$SingleTo public false Provides the ability to have the TO field process individual emails, instead of sending to entire TO addresses
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