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PHPMailer-FE is a form-2-email application with very powerful capabilities. It includes a Plugin architecture that provides you the ability to create form post-processing applications limited only by your imagination. Please see the tips section for documentation, with an example, on how to use this plugin feature.

We have been working closely with a superb server-side validation script that doubles as a form generation tool. Autoform is best of breed ... we have a fully functional contact us form featuring Autoform form generation and server-side validation.


Version 4.11 contains a number of minor changes, notably several function replacements for deprecated versions. Please view the changelog.txt

Version 4.1 contains a number of enhancements and fixes. Please view the changelog.txt in the download zip file.

Version 4.1 is an upgrade that adds support for field arrays plus all the announced changes that were due in the unreleased version 4.0.7.

PHPMailer-FE is a Form to Email gateway that parses the results of any form and sends them to the specified recipient(s).

Users are already converting their internet form email handling from various other packages (FormMail.pl, FormMail.php, Soupermail, etc.) to PHPMailer-FE. In particular, Soupermail provides a number of features that their users found very useful. However, Soupermail has not been supported since 2001 and has little or no security.

Our team have been working diligently to incorporate a number of advanced features, some similar to Soupermail (and other form handlers), into PHPMailer-FE. We are delighted with the results. In PHPMailer-FE you will find an extensive array of features not found in other form-to-email handlers:

  • PHP4/5/6 compatibility including error_reporting(E_ALL) support
  • Tighter integration with PHPMailer with support for mail(), SMTP,
    sendmail, qmail – and all the functionality availability through PHPMailer.
    • Backwards compatibility with previous versions for those wishing to migrate slowly and carefully.
    • Site-wide settings can be overridden with variables that apply to a single, unique form. For example, you can have form-specific landing pages, CC and BCC recipients.
    • Each form can have its own email template in which you decide precisely how to present the form data, including tables and other formatting. You simply write a template with standard HTML including form field names where you want them, and PHPMailer-FE will substitute the form contents.
    • You can even send a DIFFERENT custom email by reply to the submitter. Send a special thank you note with only relevant information included.
    • PHPMailer-FE now has the ability to attach files from the web server to reply emails. So you can for example, create a form to email the submitter a file such as a PDF or image from your server. That way, the visitor retrieves the file without your intervention, and you get to capture whatever visitor details you include in the form.
    • You can also configure the form to allow the user to attach one of their own files to the email. It will be emailed to the recipient but not kept on the server.
    • PHPMailer-FE can now be used purely as an autoresponder if you wish. It can send an email to the submitter without sending email to anyone else.
    • You can now do calculations with form fields. Want to multiply prices by quantities and add up a total. Now you can.
    • PHPMailer-FE now supports any type of form from any source. You can even include a survey form in the body of an email and then forward it to the company forms processing service (PHPMailer-FE).
    • PHPMailer-FE displays to the submitter an animated image indicating that processing is taking place. No longer does the submitter have to sit and wait, wondering whether they've clicked the Submit button or not.
    • PHPMailer-FE is optimized to handle receiving surveys by email.
  • MORE
    • There are numerous other enhancements to existing features.

We invite you to test-drive the new PHPMailer-FE today!

Some benefits:

  • Simple licensing (LGPL) and we encourage you to use the script in your own applications, including commercial packages. There is NO requirement to display any messages for us, although that would be very much appreciated. Do let us know how you use PHPMailer-FE - if you use PHPMailer-FE in your software package, we can include your logo and project description on our user page.
  • minimal configuration needed. Essentially all you need to do is change one single variable ("recipient"), put the script on your server, and direct your form to the script in the form's action directive. The script handles everything else. Of course, there are many other optional settings and features. Take advantage of them all for a superb, safe and stable form mailer solution.
  • support for ban list ... protects against URLs injected into any field that contains "nourl" in the field name. There is nothing more annoying than putting up a contact us form and having it used by purveyors of porn and other junk. This feature will eliminate these emails. The first time a spammer uses your form with URLs, 1) their IP and Remote Host will be stored in your ban list log file, 2) they will be redirected back to your home page, and 3) their submission will be discarded. Future attempts to submit the form will result in a rejection message.
  • support for redirect when a banned submission is detected. Custom create your own ban "landing" page.
  • PHPMailer-FE works with the leading Email Transport Class: PHPMailer. PHPMailer-FE will use the PHPMailer class if found. If not found, PHPMailer-FE will use the native PHP mail() function.
  • Support for unique landing pages for each form (each for successful submission and failed submission).
  • Support for reply emails for each form (each for successful submission and failed submission).
  • Support for External Configuration files for each form, plus one default that applies to all forms.
  • able to send a file attachment without storing the files in the server
  • Download includes a sample basic form package that includes landing pages, reply emails, external configuration files.

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