PHPMailer continues to be the world’s most popular transport class, with an estimated 9 million users worldwide. Downloads continue at a significant pace daily.

The current « official » version of PHPMailer is available through Github:
.The project is now headed by long-time developer of PHPMailer and author Marcus Bointon. Marcus joined the PHPMailer project in 2009 with the release of PHPMailer v5.0.0 and worked diligently as an author in converting the second release of PHPMailer targeted at PHP5 fortnite battle royal He has been a contributor to PHPMailer since 2004. Marcus is avidly supporting users, the direction of the project and is continuously upgrading the code for enhancements and fixes.

Many thanks to Jim Jagielski and the Apache Foundation, who have agreed to merge the two « forks » of PHPMailer to Github. Jim Jagielski remains a commit contributor for PHPMailer.

Best of luck to all contributors to the PHPMailer code base.

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